A Little Courtesy

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I have always refrained from stopping women by the road side because of reasons best known to me. Today I tried it with the purest of intentions and again my fears for not stopping them in the first place was confirmed.
Going to work this morning, I sighted a very beautiful and well endowed young girl, though her mode of dressing can be categorised as indecent yet she possess all those things that can make a red-blooded guy go crazy.
As she was walking or should I say heavily advertising her products, she wanted to remove something from her pursue and 1000 naira note fell out from her pursue unknown to her. This was what gave “yours sincerely” the courage to approach her.
As I was approaching her just to inform her that her money was on the floor and people are shy to pick it up as the bustop was kinda crowded. She gave me this kind of face as if I was a kidnapper or as if she has seen the devil (this is very typical of Enugu Ladies). In her fermented mind, she already thought I was coming to woo her that early morning. After I got what I would term a disgrace because she didn’t even give me the chance to speak as she boarded a bus headed to Ogbete Main Market.
Well to cut the story short, I entered the same bus and she dropped off at holy ghost park arena , I relaxed to watch the drama about to unfold in my very before.
As the young slay queen searched her bag for the money, her face changed and she was explaining to the conductor but the man seem to have smoked this morning and wouldn’t listen to anything she had to say. People in the bus are already saying she might be a prostitute because her dressing was nothing to write home about. Nobody was willing to help out. The last I knew was that the conductor collected her footwearss after verbally insulting her ancestors.

Well as for me, I just gently and jejely walked away. This world is not my own.

Written by  ~Anopue Vinmartins Chidi

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