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Website name: Duda.co

What is it about

Duda is a website building and design customization platform founded in 2008 and whose aim is to aid the average person build a website from scratch and get it running in no time. One can also find existing websites with poor designs, work on them via Duda.co and get paid from such website.

Mode of Operation

This system is a fully automated website builder encompassing design customization, drag and drop options and even an e-commerce business plan. Our interest in getting paid here is when we find websites with poor looking design and improve on them. With easy features, you can do this and get paid instantly by the website.


  1. The customer support is great and responsive
  2. Has a website personalization tool known as “Insite”- This feature helps you send peculiar messages to your website visitors both first-timers and returning visitors.
  3. It’s way easier to sign up on Duda as against peerfly
  4. You get paid easily by just improving other website designs
  5. Has a 30 day free trial period before trying out the business plans


  1. Has no app store available
  2. Quite expensive as compared to their competitors. Business mobile-friendly plan is about $8/month, business plan alone is about $15 and the business plan with e-commerce is about $23.
  3. For those interested in creating websites, there are not much widgets to play around with.



I highly recommend you visit this website if you are interested in creating a blog to profit from, an e-commerce site to profit from or better still improve other people’s website design and make easy money.

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