Fiverr- Earn about $50/day or more engaging in your hobby

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If you’re interested in freelancing opportunities, Fiverr is the answer. It is the number 1 freelancing marketplaceĀ  for digital display of skills to potential buyers. Read on and make sure you visit the website to get started in your financial journey. The link is attached.

Website name:

What is it about

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers working over the net to display their various talents and skills to potential buyers. Talents such as website designing, writing and translating documents,writing blog posts, recording voices, creating websites, teaching on how to play musical instruments and so much more that you can do.

Interested buyers are usually entrepreneurs and private individuals who need such services delivered to them

Mode of operation

You sign up on fiverr, click the “Become a seller option” and follow the subsequent instructions.

That’s all you have to do. You’ll be contacted by interested buyers for which you’ll sell your skills and earn honest cash


  1. You get paid to do what you love doing.
  2. Buyers are in search of your services unlike in other websites where you are in search of buyers.
  3. You have more chances of getting offers as buyers are much and are in search of creative people.


  1. The rating system is not so good. In case you were not able to complete a certain order for your buyer and you get a negative rating, the negative rating might still persist even after you make a refund.
  2. Fiverr charge high commissions for their services.
  3. You can be banned for violating policies you are not aware of.



I strongly recommend this as the number 1 freelancing website to showcase skills and talents and as a result, attract potential buyers to your services. However one has to be cautious and be weary of fraudsters who might wanna use your services and not pay you for them.

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