HealthyWage- Get paid losing the damn weight

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Let’s talk Healthywage

Do you know there are sites willing to pay you for losing those weights. In a nutshell, you place a bet with a certain amount of money in view that you’ll lose some of those chunks you’re harboring.

You lose the fats, The company pays you with added bonuses. You let the fats stay another day, you lose your money.

Below, I’ll talk about my no.1 recommended site for such venture. Check it out !!!

 Website name:

What is it about

Healthywage is an online money making platform that involves one making cash from losing weight. Here,you are to select how much you can bet (ranges from $20-$500) and over what time frame the bet will stay open.

The more the bet, the more you’ll be willing to workout. Healthywage evaluates you on the final day of the challenge and pays you for a job well done (If actually done).

Mode of Operation

Not necessarily in this order

  1. You calculate your estimated prize after the selected duration using their calculator on the page.

2.  Fill in the necessary answers in the subsequent steps.

3.  Weigh yourself and inform them of your starting weight

3.  Choose a challenge

4.  Place your first month’s bet


  1. Easy money if you’re strongly motivated. You earn for losing those weights
  2. Easy payment plan (you can get paid via PayPal and other options available).
  3. They have a recognizable social community presence which can serve as a good platform for those who get extra motivation working out in groups.


So far, I can’t say there’s a con to this amazing offer. Maybe the fact that you actually have to lose those weights.


100% recommended. Go lose those chunks and get paid

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