MaxBounty- Start earning $100/day from home

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Today we’ll be looking at an amazing website which rewards its users handsomely. We’re talking MaxBounty.

Read below for a brief review of this website

Website name:

What is it about

MaxBounty is a perfomance based CPA (Cost Per Action) program similar to peerfly. It’s an avenue by which advertisers get their products across to consumers via middlemen called Affiliate marketers(That’s where you come in). You get to earn as you promote these products to the target audience who should eventually take action. You only get paid when these people take action. In short, It’s highly dependent on website traffic.

Mode of Operation

You sign up as an affiliate using the link above and then answer the questions that follow. At some point, you’ll be asked if you intend using incentive traffic. I advice you choose “NO” as you’ll be limited to some ad offers if you choose yes. When you’re done signing up, you’ll be sent a confirmation E-mail as your application will be pending approval. After a while, you’ll get a call for a phone interview.


  1. You get the opportunity to promote thousands of offers despite being asked to choose a niche in the sign up process.
  2. A whole lot of payment options are available. PayPal, Wire transfer, Cheque, Payoneer etc
  3. The affiliate managers assigned to you are really in the game to see you succeed.
  4. The commissions are relatively higher as compared to other affiliate programs.


  1. Registration requires you own a website and at least a strong social media presence
  2. It’s a website traffic based system meaning you get well paid only when you have enough people clicking your ads and taking actions.



Highly recommended especially for those that have websites

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