Sqribble- Adeel Chowdry’s money-printing e-book creator

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Sqribble:  Most of us know what it takes to write an e- book, design and create a format for it. The procedure involved can be so cumbersome that a lot of aspiring writers think twice before going into this venture. How much more “you” who know nothing about writing or even have ideas on how to design books.

Well, I’m here for you. I’m gonna show you a website where you can just with the click of a button, create an e-book without you writing anything at all and even have it designed and published.

Read on below and make sure to visit the site later on

Website name: Sqribble.com

What is it about

Sqribble is a new online e-book creator tool founded by Adeel Chowdry, a digital entrepreneur who was also the founder of pixel FX studio .His e-book creator is used by many to write (you’re actually not writing) and design e-books. This is a great idea for those who wanna bypass freelancers and save a lot of money.

It’s different from all other e-book creators which have been known for creating poor designs relative to those produced on Sqribble.

Mode of Operation

You go on to Sqribble and sign up and then follow their instructions but note that subscription comes at a price. Currently, it’s $67 to purchase their services but price is $47 if you use “IRONMAN” as the promo code.


  1. Sqribble automatically creates table of contents and contents itself for you.
  2. There are a lot of e-book themes in different niches of writing.
  3. You can also put up your designs by direct customization
  4. You pay as low as $47 one-time fee and get to make books which you can sell on peopleperhour.com, fiverr or even upwork. If you get to sell 1 book for $50, you’ve made back your money and with room for more sales.


The only problem I have with sqribble is in their “upsells”.

Follow this link sqrib to understand more about Sqribble and the upsells.



99%  I strongly recommend this site for those that want to express their ideas in a book but do not know how to write nor design. This is for you.


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