The Healthy You

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 Introducing the healthy you…


Okay, so we all talk about health, and most of us even wish for the best of it, but do we really know what achieving the healthy you involves…

Let’s dive in a step at a time. First and foremost, health is related to the quality of life which in itself is the overall degree of satisfaction that one obtains from life. Health encompasses the mental, the physical as well as the social aspect.

 Physical Health

To be physically healthy simply implies being in a great physical condition, with a consistent exercise routine of choice to keep the body fit. These exercises do not have to be over-stretched to the point where damages to the very self one is working hard to maintain is instead achieved. As it is well said, ‘all things in moderation’ and as well, too much of a good thing can be bad at times. It is pertinent, thus, to choose an exercise routine that fits well into your general work scheme.

Physical health is equally well reflected in how well your body functions, having sufficient energy to carry out your daily tasks, enjoy your spare time as well as take care of your responsibilities at home. A healthy diet, regular exercise, proper medical and dental care, adequate restful sleep are very important components of great physical health.

Mental Health

On mental health, I’ll like to call it an appraisal of the condition of the brain and the mind. This embodies how you feel about yourself, how you celebrate your achievements, how you handle your mistakes, failures and down times as well as, feeling confident and secure enough to be able to share your deepest feeling with others.

Top-notch mental health is evident when you are able to try new experiences with unwavering motivation. This could be in the form of taking a presumed tough language course, excelling at it; learning a new sport, or trade, breaking a bad habit; starting and growing a blog, a business  or an organization of your own; amongst other challenging experiences, and being able to keep and excel at it.

Social Health

On social health, this extends beyond the self, as opposed to the previously discussed aspects, which are more concentrated on the self, this aspect deals more with others and relationship of self with others. In other words, a socially healthy you is one that has a loving relationship, respects the rights, accepts and gives help to others. In the same vein, builds a healthy relationship with family members and others; as well, making and keeping friends, and being able to communicate your needs to others in a healthy manner.

In conclusion, a balanced combination of these three aspects of health aforementioned, will make up a HEALTHY life. You can suggest more aspects if you think there are more.

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  1. AK says:

    Beautiful!!! ☺️

  2. jamil a.v. says:

    An awesome piece.

    A person can only be happy when he feels positive in the several aspects of health. Trust me, a man is sad when there’s a wrong perception of even one of his health aspects. We can just liken unhealthy state to sadness.

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    This is really nice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice piece.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice Article Like Ayo

  8. Haastrup says:

    This is succinct and educative.

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