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Let’s talk about vindale but wait!!!

For so many, we know that taking online surveys are not a get rich-quick scheme and as a result should be seen as a supplementary means of income and not the big dollar pay.

On this note, it’ll be great you also get to know who the King of online surveys is. We’re talking about a site where you get to earn high amount of cash relative to other survey sites out there.

Read through the outline below and have a grasp of what the site is all about.You’ll also get a link to a complete review

Website name:

What is it about

It’s an online survey program designed for subscribers to take part in research via answering surveys and getting paid instantly for participation. one gets paid by signing up, filling out surveys, watching video ads, following email subscriptions and a lot more.

Mode of Operation

You sign up on vindale, indicate what your interests are and let the system know surveys brought to you will be according to your interests. The companies in need of your response will pass across the surveys to you and also keep you abreast of new surveys via email subscription. They also operate on social media and blogging platforms for which you can join to participate in giveaways.


  1. They pay higher than most surveys out there.
  2. You get to earn your money in dollars and not some mere points like most would offer.
  3. They pay on time (maximum time it takes is 5 days) as against most companies that pay within a month or longer.
  4. Surveys are usually not lengthy


  1. It could be annoying getting emails from companies affiliated to Vindale besides survey purposes.
  2. One can still be termed ineligible for a survey even after answering screening questions.
  3. Cash out limit is high ( $50 ).



I recommend this site if only you wanna play around in your free time and make some small bucks for a dinner or whatever little expense you wanna make.

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