The Healthy You- Your Physical Health is a BIG deal

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Nurturing a Physically Healthy You

Okay lovely people, it is another beautiful day!

I am so excited to elaborate on being physically healthy! I’m sure y’all are as excited as I am, as this is one aspect of health that seems to be a strong point of focus for most of us; and most often glossed over, with way too much information available all around about it. Thus, confusion bound to arise on some facts

Out of the myriad of information all out though, there are, but a few undisputable germane ones, and that is the purpose for this post; to clear your mind of the clutter essentially.

Everyone seems to be after the six-pack physique, toned muscles, perfectly sculpted limbs; if there is anything like that. It is important that we foremostly, set a goal.

Setting Goals

A goal is important in any physical and energy- demanding activity because, it helps to keep track of one’s progress, as well as imbibe consistency in the act. With goal setting, for any physical activity, time of rest is also essential, and of very big importance to achieve desired healthy physique.

Diet watch

Another important aspect of physical health, manifests in what we eat. This essentially implies that while doing the field work on the external, the feed work on the internal must also be at peak.

Thus, our diet must be well-managed. We don’t often have to wait till there is an ailing health manifestation that calls for watching salt, or sugar intake, or indiscriminate fat consumption to keep the quantity of these food contents in our diet in check.

Love the greens!

Love your vegetables; they can never really be too much.A determined choice between being a vegetarian and being a care-free consumer will also be necessary. Though, going strictly all green may be extreme for certain reasons for some people, it is most pertinent to be flexibly focused on the goal, that is to eat to live healthy. A healthy mix of the fruits as appetizer before main meals; which should in turn be a healthy mix of essential nutrients and of course, water.

Water has got no enemy!

This will manifest in our daily choice of food, and drinks. I will like to make bold though that the best drink we still can have anytime is water. You just can’t go wrong with it. You cannot under-estimate the importance of hydration. There is quite an amount already contained in the food we mostly consume, especially fruits and vegetables, whole meals as well as grains.

Nothing however can replace the originality of pure, fresh water, which you will agree with me should be odorless, colorless, tasteless.

Sleep it full!

Further, we cannot exhaust this discussion without talking on having a scheduled, and maintained sleep time. The importance of a great, restful sleep to overall health of an individual cannot be over-emphasized. At least, 8 hours of quality sleep is workable, as discovered by researchers. You will agree with me though, that less than that or even less than half of that is what most of us duel with each night, and that, for those of us lucky enough to really have a night…

More on this, certain factors keep coming up with the years that rob us of gaining these much desired results. These includes especially working with our phone devices late into the evening, lazily surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, amongst other guilty pleasures.

When we do these things, we get so engrossed in it, we don’t have a grasp of the time, we find out we are still wide and actively awake at 2 am, busy with what we can’t really account for, and which on the other hand, is gradually distorting our sleep cycle, and eventual overall health.

A Typical Scenario of a distorted sleep pattern

Here is what happens, on days like such, if we eventually manage to drift off before 3am, we wake by 9:00am 0r 10:00am very tired, sluggish, unable to perform the early day’s routine. We drag ourselves through what is left of the first few hours of the day, the most expensively important hours to achieve anything best from a day. We get fairly active by mid-day, at which time, we grapple for something to quench a dire hunger, from over-use of the brain energy from the previous day, far into the night. By the time the hunger is sufficiently quenched, naturally, sleepiness takes over again. Afterall, you did not have a good night’s sleep, and you cannot cheat the body!

Then, the day is almost over by the time you wake up, hence, not much activity carried out, and the cycle repeats again and again often. You constantly have less energy to perform your daily activities to the peak as a consequence. You binge more, rest less, relax more, grow fat. This brings me to the next point, ‘time management’.

Time Management

You will wander how does this come in. Well, since we have discussed goal-setting, it is just natural that we deal with the ‘sister point’ . Afterall, every great goal is time-bound; thus the essence of time management.

The most successful people have applied this time and again, so why not you… Achieving great physical health is not a day’s job. It entails strategic planning and consistency. Consistency in itself is a function of time, thus, time management. Getting the pen to the paper, and doing the work, fixing estimates of time to each task set out for a new day, from a previous day preferably. This will take time, but, doing it consciously, repeatedly, and working to stick to it will always yield great results. This practice also encourages commitment to the goal to be achieved.

For instance, I often, but not at all times, have a Sunday routine as follows;

Sunday- Meditation 5-5:30am

Workout 5:30-6:00am

Cleaanup & Essential hygiene routine 6:00-6:20am

Previous day review/new day agenda improvement 6:20-6:45am

Breakfast Prep & Consumption 6:45-7:30am

Service time 8:00- 11:30am

Post-service activities

( which can be spill- overs from previous day and more for the new week, including lunch time, nap time) 12:00-6:00pm

Dinner prep and Consumption 6:00- 7:30pm

Relaxation- reading a book, writing, baking or sketching, (sometimes;favorite T.V program, the world news, a movie, any other productive activity, to keep engaged after a supper meal, prior bed-time 7:30-09:45pm

Meditation & Review of day’s achievement 9:45-10:00pm

Sleep time 10:00pm-5:00am

While this may not serve a typical prototype for anyone else’s Sunday, it certainly factors in most essential components to achieve a physically healthy living; in that there is a good dose of sleep time, work-out time, meal time, work time, God time, home responsibility time, personal work time, recreation time, and quite a lot of extra time for miscellaneous but useful activities…

So people, these are my thoughts in summary on nurturing a physically healthy you, (Next : explore with me nurturing a mentally healthy you!)

Y’all do well to let me know what you think too, and if there are other points to note on this, feel free to share.

Thank you for your time and I’ll see you again soon!

Humble Hibiscus

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